Bernard the Budget Bear: MIAD Senior Thesis

Here you see Bernard in his Financial Forest ready to engage young savers by reading his first children's story out loud.

Descriptor has words are burned into wood:

Bernard the Budget Bear lives in the Financial Forest where money grows on trees!

But since the Financial Forest isn't real, families need to find their own path to financial literacy. "Bernard the Budget Bear" is the first book in a series that families use as a road map to build a foundation of basic financial skills. It is a tool to help children understand the basics of money, where it comes from, and where it can take them, so they can grow into successful Budget Bears! April is Financial Literacy Month. Take the time to talk with your family about financial literacy today.

Click here to view Bernard's Facebook and Twitter pages.

In tough economic times, it is even more important for families to become fully financially literate. It is crucial to instruct young children on the power of money in a calm and comprehensive manner to ensure they become successful and independent adults.

This exhibit and book were created to promote financial literacy. Parents can pick up the starter kit for their families at participating banks. Kit includes:

  • The first book of Bernard the Budget Bear
  • A stuffed Bernard, his handy Mhoney Pots
  • Access to his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The book is split into two halves; the first is a guide for parents with tips and tricks on how to make Financial literacy fun for kids and the second half is the first story introducing Bernard the Budget Bear and the Financial Forest. The Facebook and Twitter accounts foster a community of parents to share stories and help each other and learn new tips.