A Student Again and Always

After living in Milwaukee for 5 years, I realized how much I missed city life. Little things like public transportation on rails and being able to get a donut after 8pm. I even missed the smell of the city. A mix of hot concrete, lake pollution, and the stress of 2 million busy people. 

So I signed up for the Chicago Portfolio School, something I never thought I'd do again. With five years of school, a BFA, and three years of agency experience, I began our first quarter in April. Every project was sharpies and paper only, meaning no hiding behind my glitzy Photoshop and Illustrator techniques.

Just pure, raw ideas.

Every week I'd pin up my 20 black-and-white sharpie comps along with the 10 other students in class. I learned very quickly to let go of my ego. Some weeks produced winners, some didn't. But it didn't matter because it was about quantity, dropping my bad habits, and hunting down that great concept.

Just a few of the winners from Q1

In agency life, we rarely get the time to play around with so many concepts. But as a student again, I had to keep reminding myself that there is no client to please, no budget to stay under, and no account managers asking to push the date up from Friday to Wednesday. As a student, my only limit is myself. And least surprisingly, there is always so much to learn. From the teachers, from my classmates, and from this beautiful, smelly city.