FruitShare: Team Fruit

The office's candy dish may deliver a quick burst of energy, but keeping unhealthy snacks on hand often lead to mid-day sugar crashes and long-term health drawbacks for the whole company.

Challenge: Sell a 12-month subscription to Fruit of the Month Club.

Solution: FruitShare knows that bosses that switch from candy to fruit have healthier, happier and more productive employees. Targeting office managers and other corporate decision makers, FruitShare will espouse the benefits of ditching the dish and keeping fresh, organic USA-grown fruit on hand with a visually appealing and disruptive campaign.

Every company charity fundraiser has the legendary "Marshmallow Putt" where people bet on how far they can putt a marshmallow (Pro tip: it's not as far as you think).

In coordination with HR managers, FruitShare will replace your marshmallow with something more healthy: a kiwi. The farthest putt will win 6 months free FruitShare personal subscription.